Portable Nose Hair Trimmer

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Looking for a thoughtful and creative gift for your special someone? Stop, our portable nose hair trimmer is the best choice. Stylish design, compact and portable, providing you with painless and professional nose hair trimming, show your most confident side anytime, anywhere!


Universal Grooming Tool - The nose hair trimmer can effectively and conveniently remove unwanted hair from the nose, ears, eyebrows, beard and face. One button design is easy to use and suitable for men and women.

PROTECTION OF THE NASAL PASSAGES - The tip of the blade and the fingertips of the blade remain at a safe distance to protect the tip of the nose, will not harm the nasal cavity, while the design of the nose hair will leave the appropriate nose hair to protect the nasal cavity.

Smooth and Gentle Trimming - The 7000rpm high torque motor dually drives the blades for a clean and crisp trim. The rounded flat cutting head penetrates the nasal wall, which smoothly and precisely removes hair without painful or unpleasant pulling. The 360° Men's Nose Trimmer captures nose hairs and trims them to an appropriate length to protect nose health.

Moisture resistant - our ear and nose trimmer can be used in both wet and dry conditions. The whole machine is washable. No need to disassemble, rinse with water and wipe dry to complete maintenance. Clean the nose trimmer with ease. It comes with a protective cap that repels dust, maintains cleanliness and hygiene, and protects the health of your nose.

TRENDY AND PORTABLE DESIGN - modern portable nose hair trimmer. Comfortable grip, ergonomic, precise trimming control. Compact pocket size, travel with you, always keep your look.

FREE BATTERY CAPACITY - The cordless nose hair trimmer is equipped with a large capacity lithium battery. A full charge can power the nose hair trimmer for up to 1 year (based on 1 minute of use per week). Long battery life negates worry about power. Convenient charging with Type-C, adaptable to different chargers.


Color: Blue, Black

Type: Built-in blade, Spare blade*1, Spare blade*2

Size: 78.5*30mm

Material: ABS

Power supply: Charging

Duration: Over 15 days

Built-in battery capacity: 300mAh-500mAh


Portable nose hair trimmer*1

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